​​​Fun walk-in hands-on activities for all ages!

​Want to have a family fun day, relaxing time by yourself or with some friends?​ Come on in and create!

​Choose from a wide variety of Plaster pieces that are ready to be painted, paint it the way you want it to look, we will glaze it for you and your ready to bring it home!

​Ready to be your own Picasso? Come on in and select your own blank canvas or pre-sketched canvas and paint! When finished you will have your own masterpiece to hang on your wall or to give as a hand painted gift!

​Looking for the perfect activity to do with your children or to make a stuffed animal memory? 
​Select from a wide variety of unstuffed animals, stuff them to the perfect amount. If you'd like you can also dress them up, from dresses and skirts, pants and hoodies, to career gear, shoes, etc! Lose a loved one, but have a recording of their voice? Come on by and record a very special voice box for your new stuffed animal to keep close to your heart forever.